Body Hero

As you may be aware, Alexis has been begging me to try Glossier for months. Well, she sort of forced it on me, and I have to admit, I’m pleased. She bought me the Body Hero duo.

The duo contains two products: a Daily Oil Wash and a Daily Perfecting Cream. Of the two, the wash is absolutely my favorite. I’ve been a Dove soap girl my entire life, but now that I’ve tried the Glossier Oil Wash, using the Dove makes me feel dry. Crazy right? Everyone knows Dove is the superior bar soap, but it’s true. The oil made me feel clean and super moisturized. The Perfecting Cream is a great product. The lotion absorbs quickly and isn’t sticky at all. Unfortunately it’s a tube rather than a pump which is a little difficult to use.

I’ve read mixed reviews on the smell. I like it, but maybe everyone thinks I smell. If you do, can you please let me know? Thanks.

It is a little pricey to keep stocked – $18 for the wash and $22 for the cream. I can see myself skipping the cream and purchasing the wash in the future. Maybe I’ll buy other Glossier products while I’m at it? TBD.




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