Collagen Peptides Are Gross

For the past year, it’s seemed like everyone is talking about collagen peptides. I’d read so many great reviews, I was dying to try them. Turns out, my friend was listening to me, and since she wanted a review too, she bought them for me for my birthday. Well, Ivey, here’s your review.

On Day 1 of drinking collagen peptides, this is what I wrote:

I just sat down with a cup of coffee with two scoops (as was recommended) of collagen peptides. It is so gross. I’m gagging. Anyone who say it doesn’t have a taste is a liar. I will continue to drink it to see if it works, but this is terrible.

A little dramatic, sure, but as you can tell, there was no where to go but up. I have continued drinking them every morning, but I cut back to one scoop. For me that helped with the aftertaste, which I found to be pretty nasty.

Final verdict: I’ve almost finished the package, and I really don’t think I’ll buy them again. For me, there were no noticeable differences in my skin, nails, or hair.

If you’re still wanting to try them, I’d recommend going with the smallest size first. Am I crazy? Did they make a difference for you? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.





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