You Should Shave Your Face. I’m Serious.

I shave my face. I know what you’re thinking. Do you have that much facial hair? Does the hair grow back thicker? Why? My answers are no, no, and because I’ll try anything in the pursuit of eternal youth.

Let’s start with the basics. The treatment is called dermaplaning, and women in Japan have been doing it for forever. I’ve seen dermaplaning prices ranging from $75-$300(!) depending on where you go, and if I ever make it to Tokyo, I’m getting it done. Anyone want to go to Japan? If you go to a dermatologist or aesthetician, they will use a scalpel to scrape a layer of dead skin off your face. Let me stop right here. DO NOT TAKE A SCALPEL TO YOUR FACE. Okay, now that we know I’m not encouraging you to become Sweeney Todd, let’s go on.

Dermaplaning is absolutely the BEST way to exfoliate your skin, which means you’re getting the most out of your products. And trust me, your makeup will go on smoother than ever after you take off all that peach fuzz and dead skin. The treatment also promotes the production of youth proteins, collagen and elastin. Fun fact: after 20, we lose 1% of collagen in our skin every year. I will do anything I can to slow that down…including a razor to the face.

Some of the most incredible before and after pictures I’ve seen are of people struggling with acne who get dermaplaning. Something about removing that top layer completely changes your skin, and they end up with a glowing, fresh face.

Okay, so you don’t want to spend a ton of money. I am with you on that. I personally do it at home with these inexpensive razors I buy off Amazon. It’s not the same as going to a dermatologist, but it gets the job done.

If you want to do it at home, start by watching this video. She does a great job walking you through the process. She’s an esthetician and has beautiful skin, so listen to her!


One last thing: this does NOT change the follicle of your hair. It will not grow back darker or thicker or anything else we’ve been tricked into believing regarding shaving. It is totally safe, and it is a great way to refresh for your skin every couple of weeks.

Here are a few products I found for dermaplaning at home if you’re scared to use the razor.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 5.28.00 PM
DERMAFLASH Facial Exfoliating Device $189
Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 5.31.17 PM
Tweezerman Bright Complexion Facial Dermaplaner $30


Have you tried dermaplaning? Did you like it? Let me know!



This weekend’s theme song: I turn 27 on Monday so obviously it’s Birthday Song by 2 Chainz.


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