Dear Glossier, I love you

I am a sucker for good branding, especially for anything minimalist, skincare forward, and millennial pink. So I was immediately interested when I found out about Glossier. However, when I first went to purchase it, I was kind of skeptical of a brand that (at the time) only had an online presence, and honestly I couldn’t find many reviews that were helpful for my skin type. I have sensitive, easily disturbed skin, so I don’t like to rock the boat. I started small and once I realized the product was safe for my face, I ordered everything I could get my hands on. Today I want to highlight some of my favorite Glossier products for those of you who may be on the fence like I was, so you can fall deep into the obsession too.

One of my first purchases was the Mask Duo, which contains the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and the Moisturizing Moon Mask. These masks work in tandem to “reset” your skin. The things I love about this set are that I can use it as often as I want, it does not irritate my skin, and it always refreshes my face. This mask won’t make any drastic changes to your skin, but it’s great for a glow up and because it takes about 40 minutes total, it is perfect for a relaxing spa night at home.

I couldn’t quite pull the trigger on The Supers. They aren’t especially expensive considering they come out to about $20 per serum, but jumping into a $65 black hole was daunting. Luckily my boyfriend decided he’d had enough of me putting them in and out of my Glossier shopping cart, so he made the decision for me and gave them to me as a Valentine’s Day gift. I couldn’t be more grateful for that because I use these little gems every single day. The three pack contains Super Pure, Super Bounce and Super Glow. I am fortunate enough to not suffer from frequent breakouts so I rarely have to apply Super Pure, which is used to combat acne. But I use Super Bounce and Super Glow almost every morning with my Jade Roller (more on that later) to give my skin a moisturized, supple look. It works great under makeup or keeps you radiant on a day when you skip the foundation completely.


Finally, I want to touch on some of their cosmetic products. Specifically the two things that my makeup bag will now never be without. That is Boy Brow, a very easy to use tinted brow wax. It is the absolute best product I have tried for my eyebrows and keeps them looking tamed but not overdone. If you buy anything, buy this. The second is Cloud Paint, it is one of the brand’s newer products and it is a game changer. Blush has never looked so natural. Plus, if you’re like me and love cream based products, this smooth sheer gel will be a winner in your book.

Tara has yet to try a SINGLE product from Glossier. I think she does it just to annoy me. So I want to let you guys convince her. Have you tried Glossier yet? What are your must have products? Let us know in the comments.




3 thoughts on “Dear Glossier, I love you

  1. Every time glossier comes out with a new product I try to talk myself out of buying it for about 24 hours while googling it obsessively, hoping to find photos or reviews or swatches that will make me want it less. This approach has only worked one time. Obviously I just got Body Hero and naturally I’m obsessed.


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