Hola, we are best friends who joked so hard about making a blog that it finally happened.

We have been friends for five years and roommates for two. When we lived together, our favorite things were makeup, takeout, and binge watching HBO shows that had been off the air for years (where my Entourage fans at?). On weekends we liked to go to our favorite bagel place, and we’d do what we dubbed “fresh face”. Let us tell you about fresh face: it was every single step in our normal makeup routine, but it left out the one thing that we apparently thought signified a full face: eyeshadow. So before going to our weekend breakfast, we’d put on primer, foundation, contour, liquid eyeliner, blush, more bronzer and one hundred coats of mascara. We probably even sprayed our faces with makeup setting spray because you never want to look messy while eating a bagel. Suffice it to say, it was about as far from “fresh” as it could be. So not only were we dragging ourselves out of bed to go eat greasy carbs, we were waking up an hour early to cake on makeup to hide our skin, which we probably hadn’t even washed before bed. We would then spend the rest of the day watching TV or shopping because heaven forbid we head out on a Saturday night without a new outfit on. You might be noticing a theme… we were deep into bad habits. Don’t take care of your skin? Cover it up with makeup! Don’t take care of your body? Buy a new outfit and no one will notice! (Tara & Alexis logic on point)

In March of 2016, we were split up when our jobs took us to opposite sides of the state. It was tragic at first but also a wake up call. It was the push we needed to grow up and get our lives together. We found skincare somewhere along the way and through our 200 texts a day, our full blown obsession started. We no longer had the opportunity to gossip over a bucket of queso on a Tuesday night (calories don’t count on Taco Tuesday I thought?) and instead we were working out, focusing on taking care of our skin rather than covering it up, and finding productive hobbies. Hobbies that we probably never could have found if we still lived together since our Yoga vs. Pilates debate has yet to be resolved.

So why start a blog if we’ve got life ~figured out~ now? Well, we’re passionate about skincare, and if we suggest that our friends buy one more $92 anti-aging cream, they will block our numbers. Plus we’ve got about a year and a half of being real human women under our belts, so we’re basically experts. If you like skincare and sarcasm check back with us every week to see our latest reviews, routines, and whatever else we might need to vent about.  

See you Friday, party people!


Tara & Alexis

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